Majorca Mallorca

Horses and wine, wine and horses, and masks on the beach... or not.

April 02, 2021 majorcamallorcapodcast
Majorca Mallorca
Horses and wine, wine and horses, and masks on the beach... or not.
Show Notes

This week V and O talk to Dan and Emelie from Ses Rotes about their project to bring a traditional Mallorcan finca back to life, raise world class horses, and produce world class wine.

There is also some incredulity about mask wearing on the beach, and a guest appearance from Samantha Briggs, not the CrossFit athlete, but the cat.

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You can read an accompanying article about Ses Rotes in the Majorca Daily Bulletin Sunday edition.
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You can also read the accompanying article here

A strong desire to give their daughters the best possible childhood was the inspiration for Emelie and Dan Marsh to move from the UK to Mallorca in 2010. Since moving to the island they have been working towards a dream, which is very close to becoming a reality. Emelie is a competitive show jumper originally from Sweden, and Dan comes from a hospitality background, managing groups of pubs, restaurants and hotels in the UK, and creating an events company in Mallorca specialising in cycling; they have combined these experiences and together with a love of wine, fun and community they have created “Ses Rotes, Wine and Horses.”

The Ses Rotes estate, which is close to Esporles, was something of a find. “When we first came to the island we kept my horses at livery, but we were always looking for somewhere to buy and develop,” said Emelie.

When the couple discovered the Ses Rotes finca in 2017 they knew that their project could begin. Ses Rotes was originally the smaller house on the Canet estate. Extending along the Esporles valley, it dates back over 200 years. The fertile soil of the land around Ses Rotes was used as small holdings for the inhabitants of Esporles to grow their own vegetables. In the late 1960’s, the estate was reinvented as a venue for large parties. With a huge restaurant, a disco and riding arena, it was the perfect setting to enjoy a typical “Fiesta Andaluza” in the countryside. On a night, you would regularly see up to 500 people: a mix of locals and tourists, enjoying a display of traditional Spanish horses whilst feasting on roasted meat followed by dancing into the early hours of the morning. As the tourism in Mallorca evolved, so did Ses Rotes. Th